Physiological measurements of coffee young plants coexisting with sourgrass

Communications in Plant Sciences, vol 2, issue 1, p.5-8, 2012


Full title: Physiological measurements of coffee young plants coexisting with sourgrass

Authors: Leonardo Bianco de Carvalho and Pedro Luis da Costa Aguiar Alves

Abstract: Coffee is an important crop planted in Brazil and commonly infested by sourgrass plants. Crescent densities of sourgrass growing with coffee young plants were maintained up to weed full flowering when physiological measurements were performed in the crop to evaluate photosynthetic coffee plant responses to increasing of weed competition. Experiments were arranged in a completely randomized design with seven replicates. The concentration of CO2 within the leaf, the leaf transpiration, the stomatal conductance, the CO2 assimilation rate, and the ratio Fv/Fm of coffee plants were not affected by increasing of sourgrass density. On the other hand, relative content of total chlorophyll was reduced by 13.9% in the density of 8 sourgrass plants. Gas exchange and fluorescence of chlorophyll of young coffee plants were not dependent on increasing of the intensity of competition while an opposite response occurred for chlorophyll content.

KeywordsCoffea arabica, Digitaria insularis, competition, gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence, additive experiment.

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