Coffee senna: an important species for different ethnic groups

Communications in Plant Sciences, vol 4, issues 3-4, p.43-47, 2014

Full title: Coffee senna: an important species for different ethnic groups

Authors: Márcia Lombardo

Abstract: Popularly known as coffee senna, Senna occidentalis (L.) Link(synonym: Cassia occidentalis L.) is a ubiquitous plant appreciated by many tropical communities, especially as a herbal medicine. It has been widely used for centuries, principally for the treatmentof weakness, constipation, liver disorders and skin infections. Due to its poisonous potential tograzing animals, coffee senna is included in several toxicological studies and constitutes a promising species in the study of new active substances.

Keywords: Senna occidentalis, Cassia occidentalis, ethnobotany, poisonous plants.

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