Irrigation optimized of Cedrella fissilis seedlings

Communications in Plant Sciences, vol 6, issues 3-4, p.39-45, 2016

Full title: Irrigation optimized of Cedrella fissilis seedlings

Authors: Ângela Simone Freitag Lima, Toshio Nishijima, Weslley Wilker Corrêa Morais, and Antônio Natal Gonçalves

Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of irrigation intensity in development of Cedrella fissilis seedlings in the greenhouse. The statistical design was randomized blocks, arranged in a  bi-factorial design with split plot with three replications. As main plot was characterized for irrigation frequencies (treatments): T1 – one time irrigation daily (at 11h00min); T2 – two times irrigation daily (at 11h00min and 19h00min); T3 – three times irrigation daily (at 07 h00min, 11h00min, and 19h00min) and T4 – four times irrigation daily (at 07h00min, 11h00min, 15h00min, and 19h00min) and as a sub-portion eight times week assessment, and an eighth hardening phase. For the experiment was used a system of localized irrigation, consisting of: pump, irrigation nozzles, tubes and valves. The seedlings were grown in plastic containers (tubes) suspended for PVC trays. Data were collected weekly, obtaining the height and diameter of the seedlings, dry mass production and the number of sheets in each evaluation. After the analysis it was concluded that the frequency of the three irrigations per day showed the C. fissilis seedlings with better development and able to go to the field.

Keywords: Cedar, Water, Optimization, Biomass, Development.

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