A testimony of inter-plant communication through electrophysiological signal analysis

Communications in Plant Sciences, vol 7, issues 1-2, p.34-43, 2017 (2017006)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.26814/cps2017006

Authors: Kavya Sai Yaddanapudia, Neetu Soodb, and Indu Sainic

Abstract: Plant responses to changes in environment are allied with electrical excitability, signaling and are observed by their electrophysiological signals. Similarly communication in between various plants is noticed by continuous monitoring of their electrophysiological signals at same instant comparatively. Signal acquisition is done with help of BIOPAC®MP36 set up. Two plants of different species connected to two different channels at a time clearly visualized the amplitudes and frequencies with which plants pulsated during their sensory perception, communication and adaptation to eventual stimuli. The variation in signal potentials of plants depend upon intensity of stimulus perceived either from environment or neighboring plant. They communicate with each other through electrical signals using air as a medium; they are conscious enough to aware neighborhood about hazards and threats. This paper presents in detail the potential and frequency variations that plants illustrate during Inter-plant communication.

Highlighted Conclusion
The meticulous sensory perception of plants when they endure mechanical, heat and chemical stimuli clearly revealed that plants are highly sensitive to environmental changes. The communication in plants is not only intra-specific but from experimental results it is concluded that plants are good enough in stress/danger perception and self-defense clearly inter-plant communication exists.

Keywords: Action potential, Variation potential, Amplitude, Frequency, Depolarization, Hyperpolarization.

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