Can herbicides increase the content of crude protein in corn silage?

Communications in Plant Sciences, vol 7, issues 3-4, p.62-64, 2017 (2017010)


Authors: Adrian Rauy Lopes, Fábio Augusto Manetti, and Leonardo Bianco de Carvalho

Abstract: The objective was to determine the impact of herbicides on plant growth and to test if the use of herbicides could improve the crude protein content in corn for silage. Treatments consisted of the post-emergence application of atrazine, atrazine + 2,4-D (two doses) and tembotrione, in addition to a herbicide-free control. We evaluated plant growth and crude protein content. Reduction of plant height (15%), fresh mass (35%) and dry mass (45%) was observed by using atrazine and atrazine + 2,4-D. However, we also observed an increase (mean of 82%) of crude protein content by using these herbicides. In addition, atrazine provided the higher improvement (124%) in the crude protein content. So, the post-emergence application of atrazine alone or combined with 2,4-D reduced plant growth however improving the content of crude protein.

Highlighted Conclusion
Atrazine can double the content of crude protein in corn for silage.

Keywords: Atrazine, Post-emergence, Zea mays, Silage quality.

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