Volume 5 – January-June (2015)

Communications in Plant Sciences (ISSN 2237-4027)

Volume 5 – January-June (2015)



Species delimitation in congenerics of Genus Daemonorops from India using DNA barcodes
Senthilkumar Umapathy, Narasimhan Duvuru, Sanjappa Munivenkatappa, Uma Shaanker Ramanan, and Ravikanth Gudasalamani
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Membrane stability of winter wheat plants exposed to subzero temperatures for variable lengths of time
Cecilia Cuevas, Brian Bellinger, and Daniel Skinner
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Integrated effects of reduction dose of nitrogen fertilizer and mode of biofertilizer application on soil health under mung bean cropping system
Naba Kumar Mondal, Jayanta Kumar Datta, and Arnab Banerjee
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Dose-response of morning-glory species to PPO inhibitors
Mauricio Crestani Agostineto, Humberto Henrique Ansolin, and Leonardo Bianco de Carvalho
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Doses and time of application of nitrogen in upland rice
Marco Antonio Camilo de Carvalho, Oscar Mitsuo Yamashita, Rafael Noetzold, Rivanildo Dallacort, Cristiano Santos, and Gustavo Caione
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